Hi!  (hielow)


After sum Years of internal Pains & 4 a blind wine, & 4 someone who Saw True Never before Seen kinda things that remain so dam personal, Validation is beyond that of ever needing to ask!

My Golly, 

Trying 2 Tell ya! 

Super-Naturals showing itself wind/during its next Cycle energetic trial while RainBowTearing Hopefull thoughts of World Pain Resolve.




Weee~ seperate learning Ourselves can Weave Connected learning Another





B/c heck!

By balanced measures, Love to Know or See You Share Your Truths & 2watch Pieces form together creating a Big ass Puzzle. It turns Gears into EveryOne being a Winner b/c it’s also Good Bizzo. Scientist can dew as they truly wanted to without feeling forced to dew it a certain way & Corperations will Prosper b/c theyll have the backing of there teams. Sometimes Our Reasonings get to entangled into nooks & crannies that We tend to forget to tend our Dam selves. Emotional was low on Supportage & at an All time Hi of Healing shizzo. It’s like a breather to be able to outlet shizzo as to make room to New shizzo. Evolutionary. yuP. & nada taking it out on Others by violence man. NEVER DO THAT! like wtf. Yeah slap n daP. Okay well what happens if the slaP does a whole bigger slaP back & then what? Going to keep on doing it b/c the manuel or instructions written by someone who is Nada U is the write way? C/MON! Only U know what is Best 4 U. ha! what saddened me the most yet we all have our shizzo, so it ain’t like that but it’s when another Party is boggled bc the nada expectance of return. Not asking for anything. Y? Whole Grown Adult who Feels Good to want to be able to make my Own money by putting int the work. etc. & Y are so many of Us talking shizzo about what we think another has. Materials are tools & rather much be in a tent hanging out of a cool tree eye glazing the skies & water as it’s much ore emotionally fullfilling. Sounds reasonable too. See that? the Meshing of internal She/Hee EMotional Reasoning in affect/effect. & to know it’s okAY to Agree to nada. Real shizzo. Thank GOD! cuzz-uh that would b robotically odd in my opinion. 




To never choose the taking of short cuts 2 profit weather knowing or nada,  Money will Never fill wounds within us. Money is unbiased or better yet, Money is like~>  0 of riches. (-0+)

Binary materials that We can use to make a bad or Good Change 4 the betterment of All or at least One. That’s Huge! If sharing our own Experiences helps Another than EH! tear drops dude. real shizzo.

If Sharing Duty Part Knowings or Pings/Sense~receivings to Another who resonates ;

The self ownly opens uP there DooKeY or Duty pre-birth contract & fills uP at the nearest gas station Flow-Auto. 

Feels Noble mixed with inner child ShuhhhWaNG-Smile b/c its that Feel of – 2 + shizzo man.

We seem to have got lost b/c We let Fear grab the worrying about what another Party wants in return or spreading false shizzo or whatever ya know?

Dunno Man.

It also shows who nada to be around & who is Worth your Time.

Imagine how Our thoughts & Actions Change the very material appearance write in front of our eyes & imagine how healing it can be Once We Understand it’s never about compare or contrast sticky stuck.




Our Contrast is our Oppositional Thanks! & a rev uP spiral WaauWP!


(B-U~lets!) real shizzo


& to Overstand the UnderStandings that their is nada need to be Angry or Overly “raged towards Old Weather.

We are HueMans who are Wheeling this WHole dam beautifull thing together as a…Well…. Whole .

So the more We can Support, the more We Will b able to truly understand that when we do get angry or “raged we can Air it to the Winds & let the Natural Winds Will Transmutre that thing into sparkley sand of time dust.

Duty shi…z.

& if it’s something that is Vital ~> Confessions which balance out each of Our Karma’s bad & good….

then it Adds Your Duty booty. jk. it rhymed. it Adds You to the Duties & Adds Spice to the Mixed Rice!

Yes! So Serious too. 

IThe ignorance within Us All can be Eradicated to a place of healing by Seeing that

We are All fuH-KIN

(fuH~> f;4 u:U H; Hi!  –  KIN~> Connected or a K! IN it 2 Help)

Here 4 Purposes. By Choice & Super Cool! It’s Hot.

Please understand that EGOS are something within us ALL & balancing those things out man. & dew know that all tho Yes, very profident about what We Dew Know or Sense profoundly Adds-on Our Wheel or Round Table.

Round Table pondered ping-uh-ling answered within early 2019 providing sum suggestional solutions within New Weather~New times.

All of Us being a Leader. & Love to FearLess Family 4 All the inspirational resonance. Good People which Will Always B in Heart. Please know You were heard & come to think of it…. We All want to be heard.

Feel it safe to say that it’s much healthier to break bread driving past flow-auto b/c it rounds things into equals. Elementally it really is about Hues or Rays & tapping into Our Unique energetic forces within to know Y We are here eh?

If We Listen 2 our internal Voice.

Sum times it’s like okAY!

hear ya butt-uh….

for example ~> what if You or Someone is in a position where they feel trapped like they can’t escape current situation as to get away b/c fear of how others will attack or how/what others may think .

while all knowing We shouldn’t worry about that blablabla. Say WuuaH?

Energy dude.

can be so overwhelming at times, it can be easier to give into the things we know are not for our best interest. Howlever!

obvious, if not inside, outside there is a Hi!

You have the Rite or Left to 0 balance to dew as U need 4 Health. If your “friends really Care about You they won’t try to constantly bring You down in a dumpy mood or cause hurtful back stabbing stuff on a button called repeat. 

 Sometimes We ALLOW it by blind sites & sometimes don’t even know how to escape. 

If things get to be like WHOA! Then ya We have to Defend Ourselves if We know Our intent is or was for the better & to create the prevention ~> lost into false reasonings. yikes! 




Hearts & Loves


Off Trails & Connecters



Have You ever been riddled with fragmented bits that are wedged in areas never before known how it could fit in a spot or to find that there was even a spot there to look in?

Like when We are alone & in thought, Dew U ever ponder about thoughts that are nada Yours? Like how did that get there or wtf? I know darn well that is nada me. WTF! ah! then to be assumed madness took over & ya darn Write it did! & Gently Was so confused. Was.

Sometimes We can get lost & if You are having trouble discerning which Ones are Yours or Nada yours, maybe by realizing that the thoughts are a Part of Us All by sum seperate & or connected form.

If We can Show Support & Learn to Hold Space for others by knowing when they or He or She is Yelling or Angry …. Know that the energy is nada to make You or the Space Holder Angry & to Clarify ahead of time that ya may nada understand howlever can imagine those words being transmuted into something Good with knowing they are being Heard.

It’s as if We All were in a phase competing to be heard 2 heal our wounds when in all actuality Nada darn person Will want to hear ya if We don’t make an attempt to Understand Our own dam Selves. It’s more Heavenly.  

Love U


an only child; 34-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh)-Empath(activated) who Receive Pivot-Poof~Blows Hearts as A Universal rush of RadiFied Sour/Sweetness wind taPPin into the Natural Abilities We are All Born with; Passionately so. To floetically sew words together like an alchemical weaver that has a ZenoDacious Affect/Effect of humored nuances...The Power comes from Courage, Inner Truths, Intentional Good Heaart Shiz & Connecting Dots. Love U

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