Daunting Times,

Haunting Hours,

Sour Limes,

Healing Powers,

Positive Hymns,

Blooming Flowers,

Shadows Ryhmes,

Sweet & Sour,

Never a Crime,

Nor a Coward,

Combine Dark/Lite Slime,


Your a New WoWer.



When U Know it’s anothers shadow trying to over power yours….. as if that actually works. It doesn’t work that way.

“& how do ya know bitch!?”

ya! I know rite! Well, can totally overstand the whole situation of Y many who stand to show love can come off bitchy in between those natural normal human tendencies who doesn’t fuhk it(been almost 3 years but hear cucumbers are awesome & they are natural) yet always feels it , fidgets, fearless(Love Y’all)it , foresees it, finds it, & friends it. Ya know if ya get shot with shit ya get nada tit. Ya show love You get Love & when ya fart it out ya figure it out & when ya put it together what do ya got? Icecream with All Flavors & a Fuhkinship of floats & fur.


Sometimes fighting through our own shiz in addition to worldy pain can come with a punching bag fool of fuhkin hope & wtf. See, I love You for You & the sad part? It wasn’t all my tears is why the passion to raise you uP will never quit. Big Boy Bitch Belts for Braving it can become a weird state of affairs yet smart to be wise b/c if your one who is throwing a big stone, it will only swing back with the vary hand that thru it. Then! one sec check it out….. (yuP) Yes, there has been many side head rite or left neck bends like WHAAAA? Ya may not fully understand to overstand it but it don’t make ya stupid. Nope. Matter Factly it’s -healthy when it could be + healthy.

While doing Shadow Sessions, their can be Extra Uneeded Chaos who attempt to mind screw yet key gets stuck every time. If ya do something over & over again while recieving -number  results, it must be a form of insanity. So maybe trying to show love to stones may create wish fullfillments. I dunno? Ya Never Know but You do know. That is the wtf. Wake uP please & regardless if your into ‘New Age’ or not, Think we are all organized enough to know when something we do is devilish or lovingish. Hell is much more peaceful than a Devil. We create our Heaven on the planet by living thru hell. Learned that from a 3.14 at a car dealership. well dang!

remembering to continue showing love n’ T ways; Always expressing Your Better than being a bully or gossiper spreading fraudulant words that can be dangerous b/c it sends it to people who could be a benefactor…..

cliche’ of contradictory contrasting energetic swiggle buoyancies?



Needing Farms & Pharms b/c both are good. It’s a matter of knowing your body.

Sending loving thoughts to your anatomicalockuWLaterstandalnows is a long word for YOU CAN DO IT!




Never solves anything to blame or shame. Simple math.

Having a couple Ideas for attributing potentially solid solutions calls for hopefull round-table discussions. Maybe One Day. But for now,  If you are Serious & Would like to discuss some Ideas pertaining to the times & wanting to raise vibes, please let me know.

Would love to touch base in more detail either in accordance to Business Inquires or Specific Ideas relating to the times.

You can contact me on FB by sending a DM.


This for anyone whose ever been made to feel like someone or something that they arn’t or never will be. Always follow your gut while trying to be careful as best can be.

More love vs. falling in numerous traps only causes more harm than balance.

Even the ones our shadows pull. Hugging it out solidifies the being & creates less prolonging effects.




an only child; 34-year-young-red-headed-Scorpio/Imix(sh)-Empath(activated) who Receive Pivot-Poof~Blows Hearts as A Universal rush of RadiFied Sour/Sweetness wind taPPin into the Natural Abilities We are All Born with; Passionately so. To floetically sew words together like an alchemical weaver that has a ZenoDacious Affect/Effect of humored nuances...The Power comes from Courage, Inner Truths, Intentional Good Heaart Shiz & Connecting Dots. Love U


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