October Free; Styles in Clearing Residual Gunk


To Hugging a Shadow Near You~



Refer a Friend & Earn One Credit for Each.


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Best [u¹] Cans b~U 5.5 Proof


Seasonal(Animal Friendly): Organic WaVe-Spiral 


Eco-Friendly: Loyal Sauce & Toss in Bottle.


Spritz-Spray: Water Filtered Shielding Moss





Brighter Mood


It’s been a ride in learning

which set of writing styles fit better & which ones are best never used.

After sipping solo cosmo shots of profoundly deep sorrows &  pain,  clarity from tons of angles,

Finding more in-tune ways as to Create a Better Environment Attuned to a Reader is Awesome…..

Well, awesome for a Reader.


A Win(d)-Win(d) <~> In Breath•Out Breath






A man of knowledge chooses a

path with a heart and follows it

   and then he looks and rejoices 

and laughs and then he

sees and knows.



                                           -Carlos Castaneda



Have you ever had challenging moments in seeing thru a set of gunky spunks within our Amazing Worlds of Wonders?

Is it not true *We All* have an instinctual knowing?

For some,

it may be in the torso area or gut.

ha.  it’s like, “so where do you pick yours uP at?”

“o ya know, big toe.”

 Within long periods of studying the self, another may term it as listening to ‘the Higher Self’ or

‘Inner Voice’ in par to an ‘Outside Voice’.

& to Never Agree to Outside Voices that chemically act against everything you believe in.


After 3 long years of tears & barely big boy bitch belts back on & according to the dictionary, “manuals give detailed instructions for collimating the optics”.


if steered by calibrated confidences with a knowing, & a Fall,

sometimes sacrifices are worth the lessons learned & to never feel ashamed nor guilty b/c damit,  swimming or flying in big ass seas of hope can be a great way to think when knowing it’s merit to connections.

To All that will never be forgotten.

It’s deep stuff.

Life changing indeed.

Never suggests to go all out by WaH*ing in tantrum mode,

but def one to show love & support to the many who took risks while not knowing where or how the landing would look.

Life amending rounds by compassing a ‘Higher calling’.

 Motivational Speakers…..

Put yourself first  & if choosing to follow your callings?

Always been one to look uP to it.



PouChes; wtf All Ri..Le.. Beam’E & Y?



Bubble; Bag~ (?)


Bubble & a Bag. A Bubble & a bag. & a bag & a bubble. bubble bags?~ bubble…. bag.~? bag…. w..t..f is-a-bag? 

****I want to Clarify to thee exact Altitudal Tone of this Post as so it may not be taken in ways Opposite to its Lite Shining Points & Dark because We can not have Lite without Dark. #Balances etc. with Nature my friends

(if your reading this & did a whole-half ~FU, your not my friend” then again & with Love, Y r You reading this? I think ya like me! Ya really really like me too! YiPPIE! eh I love to love man & I Love You! )****

Am also going to Note, the Material I Send Out is an Array of Emotions. Some of its content may come off self orbiting however thee Assurance is a deeper message supporting  broader aspects to each intent, in addition 2unattached humor, round table topics including your thought mattering, & a whole bunch more shit. Depends on the Weather~ <3 okay! It’s Good to Outlet these things as 2 eliminate extra nonsensical & nada 2do W/ Hues of Happenings~ Understandings, 2 Naturally Hear All things within another that they do not like about themselves yet paying attention to all the things that they DO LOVE about theirselves comes with a Pressure effect of sorts, it creates Spaces in learning thy self because if We are going to be here Loving Mother Earth it comes with Responsibilites like a Pre-Birth Contract ya know? & it’s Okay if ya don’t cuzz-uh, finding out Truths 3 years past within 34-years-Mother-Earthin it, Has a take-inn like a Cwazey Lady doing a Waltz in a fuHk load of Directions Knowing if Allz we Do is Follow Our internal Guide (Voice of Knowing) vs. ignoring it, imagine How the Hueman in Us All can Soar-Heal Our Own Pace-uP Spirals….  hm. those Spirals can be either or but ya betcha their is sum Geometric Spiraling Goin On man. my bad, off trailed… Moving Forward or Spiraling On-Wards. Yes!

Thank God(!)

 Energy Advice & blogging….

as intended bout 5-6 years ago

during its skeleetal skalattal material laying of ‘plentiful shapes’ as sum 

who may sound-off effect it.



Their are sum things that have a bit-uh.. sum-timey co(s)mical puHzzle twirlin’  round in mind & for someone who is


mindfully minded …. it’s nice to connect with others of

like-minded interest & establish

answered questions connected 2 those mind-bogglements in trying to connect dots.



At a least & on occasions, their can b a blockage of sorts.

For Example, Has Your Brain ever did a…. it’s rite there yet foggy  creating a person 2feel an internal longing for wtf Damit FOG! I Love YOU FOG!


knowing it’s not the first time (4 me it happens more than once) 4 these uh,


these kinda ~~~> ‘peek-a-boo’ haha’ yet Love U b4 an answer kinda scenariOwww.

Saw an Owl the other day.

Oopsie shit. my Sincere man, So yeah! Real shit tho, Remembering then to not think about it b/c if its of any importance it will naturally Ping-uh-Ling on in & be like Ehhhh! (Love Yall)


#Portal & a bag with hearts man.







swooPin Slide & a AHHHH! ~ shit. bags…. 


~bout a 20 minute trance & a zone after sizing what was initially 2b a bed & a pillow as 4 a softer landing.

Arriving at pit-stop Flowetic-Auto, ta hint of this & a hint of that!

yes, howlever, their is a bag. …

& mind you kindly,

wtf is a bag?

like ya know the inside term not spoken of yet titled in resonance cuz the Ping to the Pong agreed in its related resonances? 

Not sure bout U but I hear that term being used more frequent than nada & it has been puHzzling & it’s kinda funny too.

nada like that but more so of altitoodle confusion.

 Honestly,  & with all dew inspire, face feels & looks like that dam process of lop-sided molding lopping 2 sum never before seen shit.

Like r we speaking Profusion here? no kindly kidding. (so much to outlet its cwazey)


doin a hand on waste & a index finger rite hand pointing uP arm stretched out hi w/ eyes following uP as an old man with long cool white frizzy long spiked uP hair says….






& Weathurrr

.. to its being of connected rite now, 

may I persuade thee,    or nada..!~      ….ya know,


theiR Is! ~

old gentleman left the room & went somewhere. Who knows where & always on time with a gal



 or to Express it in a milder pressed form, what are bags?


I’m referring to the term as a Key Note to the realms of natural differences multi-dimensionally of course!


Are they like something people use to try & capture from others? Like a Soul traPitee trap trap yet not funny because that is sum Serious shit if be.

& if they are,

howl in thee faHwk-uh-rune-E does One do that? 

Because damit, that don’t even feel rite.

Coming from a logical stand point, like.. what.. or who, would feel good to steal or take or hunt 4 anothers Soul(?)

& maybe way off here.

 Truly something that has yet to become clear in my mind.

~or is it a connection to Awarenesses w/ Ones who merge thru internal unerstanding that there are ‘codes’ & laws contrasting 2 different natures. 




What may be as understood to be Accepted within strains of One Group may well as be foreign to another


noddid 2 the Okie Dokie all Good deeply serious 2 supporting a literal cognizen curiosity. 

Is it an Orbit Swing Band Catcher thingy?

like being caught in anothers Vortex & that is why its called having a person in a bag?

Paper not plastic? (oHmmm)

Referring to Ones who have sloganed it into their Songs, Writings, Talks, or Films & not always Pro-bagging yet Aware of it?


this may sound silly being that the understanding has yet to appear

but heck,

Hearts & Coins by doing the rite thing from a moral ethic feel, 

e.g. ~> ya know those feels of knowing when it feels rite to do this or that &

the undertonal Acts speak louder than words becomming an unattachment mutual bond of agreements kind-uh thing? 

Well for anyOne feeling where I’m coming from,

Of course bio-scripted to a fit of each & again may be way off here,

Acts of listening to Oneself & Trusting it regaurdless of resistants does & has been a Key Note to high-lite

~~~~> love, coins, sprit herb….

is what I think of being in a bag. (understanding the ‘Take in’ is a FuHk loading evolutionary Acceptance terming Nods’



breath inn 2 the Out

by leaving room




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