PouChes; wtf All Ri..Le.. Beam’E & Y?



Bubble; Bag~ (?)


Bubble & a Bag. A Bubble & a bag. & a bag & a bubble. bubble bags?~ bubble…. bag.~? bag…. w..t..f is-a-bag? 

****I want to Clarify to thee exact Altitudal Tone of this Post as so it may not be taken in ways Opposite to its Lite Shining Points & Dark because We can not have Lite without Dark. #Balances etc. with Nature my friends

(if your reading this & did a whole-half ~FU, your not my friend” then again & with Love, Y r You reading this? I think ya like me! Ya really really like me too! YiPPIE! eh I love to love man & I Love You! )****

Am also going to Note, the Material I Send Out is an Array of Emotions. Some of its content may come off self orbiting however thee Assurance is a deeper message supporting  broader aspects to each intent, in addition 2unattached humor, round table topics including your thought mattering, & a whole bunch more shit. Depends on the Weather~ <3 okay! It’s Good to Outlet these things as 2 eliminate extra nonsensical & nada 2do W/ Hues of Happenings~ Understandings, 2 Naturally Hear All things within another that they do not like about themselves yet paying attention to all the things that they DO LOVE about theirselves comes with a Pressure effect of sorts, it creates Spaces in learning thy self because if We are going to be here Loving Mother Earth it comes with Responsibilites like a Pre-Birth Contract ya know? & it’s Okay if ya don’t cuzz-uh, finding out Truths 3 years past within 34-years-Mother-Earthin it, Has a take-inn like a Cwazey Lady doing a Waltz in a fuHk load of Directions Knowing if Allz we Do is Follow Our internal Guide (Voice of Knowing) vs. ignoring it, imagine How the Hueman in Us All can Soar-Heal Our Own Pace-uP Spirals….  hm. those Spirals can be either or but ya betcha their is sum Geometric Spiraling Goin On man. my bad, off trailed… Moving Forward or Spiraling On-Wards. Yes!

Thank God(!)

 Energy Advice & blogging….

as intended bout 5-6 years ago

during its skeleetal skalattal material laying of ‘plentiful shapes’ as sum 

who may sound-off effect it.



Their are sum things that have a bit-uh.. sum-timey co(s)mical puHzzle twirlin’  round in mind & for someone who is


mindfully minded …. it’s nice to connect with others of

like-minded interest & establish

answered questions connected 2 those mind-bogglements in trying to connect dots.



At a least & on occasions, their can b a blockage of sorts.

For Example, Has Your Brain ever did a…. it’s rite there yet foggy  creating a person 2feel an internal longing for wtf Damit FOG! I Love YOU FOG!


knowing it’s not the first time (4 me it happens more than once) 4 these uh,


these kinda ~~~> ‘peek-a-boo’ haha’ yet Love U b4 an answer kinda scenariOwww.

Saw an Owl the other day.

Oopsie shit. my Sincere man, So yeah! Real shit tho, Remembering then to not think about it b/c if its of any importance it will naturally Ping-uh-Ling on in & be like Ehhhh! (Love Yall)


#Portal & a bag with hearts man.







swooPin Slide & a AHHHH! ~ shit. bags…. 


~bout a 20 minute trance & a zone after sizing what was initially 2b a bed & a pillow as 4 a softer landing.

Arriving at pit-stop Flowetic-Auto, ta hint of this & a hint of that!

yes, howlever, their is a bag. …

& mind you kindly,

wtf is a bag?

like ya know the inside term not spoken of yet titled in resonance cuz the Ping to the Pong agreed in its related resonances? 

Not sure bout U but I hear that term being used more frequent than nada & it has been puHzzling & it’s kinda funny too.

nada like that but more so of altitoodle confusion.

 Honestly,  & with all dew inspire, face feels & looks like that dam process of lop-sided molding lopping 2 sum never before seen shit.

Like r we speaking Profusion here? no kindly kidding. (so much to outlet its cwazey)


doin a hand on waste & a index finger rite hand pointing uP arm stretched out hi w/ eyes following uP as an old man with long cool white frizzy long spiked uP hair says….






& Weathurrr

.. to its being of connected rite now, 

may I persuade thee,    or nada..!~      ….ya know,


theiR Is! ~

old gentleman left the room & went somewhere. Who knows where & always on time with a gal



 or to Express it in a milder pressed form, what are bags?


I’m referring to the term as a Key Note to the realms of natural differences multi-dimensionally of course!


Are they like something people use to try & capture from others? Like a Soul traPitee trap trap yet not funny because that is sum Serious shit if be.

& if they are,

howl in thee faHwk-uh-rune-E does One do that? 

Because damit, that don’t even feel rite.

Coming from a logical stand point, like.. what.. or who, would feel good to steal or take or hunt 4 anothers Soul(?)

& maybe way off here.

 Truly something that has yet to become clear in my mind.

~or is it a connection to Awarenesses w/ Ones who merge thru internal unerstanding that there are ‘codes’ & laws contrasting 2 different natures. 




What may be as understood to be Accepted within strains of One Group may well as be foreign to another


noddid 2 the Okie Dokie all Good deeply serious 2 supporting a literal cognizen curiosity. 

Is it an Orbit Swing Band Catcher thingy?

like being caught in anothers Vortex & that is why its called having a person in a bag?

Paper not plastic? (oHmmm)

Referring to Ones who have sloganed it into their Songs, Writings, Talks, or Films & not always Pro-bagging yet Aware of it?


this may sound silly being that the understanding has yet to appear

but heck,

Hearts & Coins by doing the rite thing from a moral ethic feel, 

e.g. ~> ya know those feels of knowing when it feels rite to do this or that &

the undertonal Acts speak louder than words becomming an unattachment mutual bond of agreements kind-uh thing? 

Well for anyOne feeling where I’m coming from,

Of course bio-scripted to a fit of each & again may be way off here,

Acts of listening to Oneself & Trusting it regaurdless of resistants does & has been a Key Note to high-lite

~~~~> love, coins, sprit herb….

is what I think of being in a bag. (understanding the ‘Take in’ is a FuHk loading evolutionary Acceptance terming Nods’



breath inn 2 the Out

by leaving room




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